• The Blissful Art

    a mindful and creative corner for a happier life

  • The Blissful Art was born from my dream to create a space where women can discover and follow their inner creativity, find their balance, taking care of themselves through art, creativity, meditation, and mindfulness

  • The Story


    I am Anca Amelie.

    This creative corner was born from my own heart and it comes from my desire to share the benefits of living a creative and mindful life.


    To be completely honest, art saved me!

    I am a writer, a self-taught artist, I love to create jewellery following my intuition, I am certified in mindfulness and meditation and I currently study colour, art therapy, and coaching.


    For a long period of time, I was an artist at night and a finance&hr professional by day. My creative side always represented my escape from the daily crazy world.

    I have always been creative since I was a child, but I discovered the healing power of arts and crafting 10 years ago when I've been fighting with a burnout syndrome I didn't notice I had.


    Since then, the fascination of jewellery, crystals, colours and shapes always guided me to find happiness and joy in my life.

    That feeling I am keen to offer to you! The victory of finding in yourself a space for joy, relaxation, and confidence by following your creative flow!

  • What I Do

    Creative Classes and Workshops

    Practical classes to get new skills while relax

    Jewellery making, paper crafts, decorations, card-making, all with the joy of finding your creativity

    Art for your wellness

    Soulful art classes for finding your balance

    Mindfulness and art therapy techniques to release stress, find your calm and positivity

    Mindfulness meditation

    Enhance your general well-being through meditation

    Take care of your mind through meditation and improve your whole being: your mind, body and soul will thank you!

    1:1 Mindfulness Art Guidance sessions for self-development

    Create, discover yourself and transform. Be the person you want to be

    Be true to yourself through art and self exploration, set your goals and dreams, let go, transform, heal and be the person who you want to be!

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