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Eltham Palace - The place a Goddess fell in love

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Eltham Palace, The place a Goddess fell in love

I thought it would be a normal day in my life but in a strange way, I felt a bit nervous just after I woke up. I had my breakfast and a coffee and then I opened my computer to do some work for my future articles. I couldn't focus on anything and something inside me deeply called me to get out. And so I did. I decided to go and visit Eltham Palace, just one hour trip from my place.

This is when the magic began.

The Magic Palace

I crossed the bridge build above the water and the main entrance has been revealed to me in it's ancient beauty.

I've been invited into the house, and the receptionist advised me to leave my bag, my worries and my old thoughts in the cloakroom. So this what I did.

The Ancient Goddess

A soft voice whispered that someone is waiting for me upstairs in my bedroom, so I gently walked up the stairs, one by one having the feeling that an unseen being is accompanying me. Suddenly I realised I've been wearing a red sensual dress in 30's style, red shoes, and a luxurious natural pearl necklace. I entered into my bedroom and my memories came into my mind flashing like a video.

I am Ginie, an Italian Marchesa speaking English, Italian and Hungarian. I don't remember much from my childhood but my father said that I was born in Romania. I just noticed my new snake tattoo around my ankle, I love it, it reminds me of my precious daring personality. My courage always helped me live the life I wanted, even to find the strength to divorce Paul who made me incredibly unhappy in the past.

My bedroom is my temple. It reminds me of my Goddess past life Athena, her impulsive character transcends time, how amazing is that!

This holy room is my personal space that completely represents my personality. I paid a fortune to my designer Malacrida to do such a magnificent job and it was worth every single penny. I have the three of four elements in this sacred space. Can you see the little two paintings on the right and left of my bed? Jan Brueghel painted the air and the water for me 400 years ago. It's fascinating, isn't it? The fire always represented me and I love my little fireplace always lightning in the middle of my room.

Did you notice that I have no earth element here? Well, all my walls are actually wooden plated, however, the goddess element is the sky, not the earth. The Infinity. Just look at this mirror and you will understand.

I am going to take a bath before lunch, I need to relax for a while. Here is my bathroom, my favourite place in this house.

My good friend goddess Psyche, the protector of the soul is watching me from her golden sanctuary. This makes me feel calm and safe in this sometimes chaotic world. And makes me remember my secret love and my favourite gardenia scent. You won't reveal that to Stephen I hope...

The Distant Intellectual

Stephen is the calmest and reserved men I have ever met! He may look distant in front of other people but with me he is so loving and kind. I can't say how much his bright intelligence attracts me!

He never wanted to be a businessman despite inheriting a nice fortune from Courtaulds, but he bravely served the Crown in the First World War. He is a director at Ealing studios and trustee at Royal Opera House, but his secret love is mountaineering and he used to explore The Alps and The Mont Blanc after the war. Pretty good man for a goddess, don't you think?

His room completely reflects his personality, look at this simple space. The Kew Gardens wallpaper is amazing, his friend Sandersons made it for him.

Stephen's favourite room in the house is the library and it hosts his watercolours collection, hundreds of books showing his interests in mountaineering and exploration, history, art, gardening and his Greek and Roman coins collection.

Did you know Stephen Courtauld even wrote a guidebook to Eltham Palace? He loves his new home as no one did before.

The Royal Guests

I love to chat with my friends every day and this is my beautiful boudoir, the place I host my afternoon tea. Behind it, I have a secret room, where Stephen and I are planning all our trips abroad. I can't wait for the trip in South-East Asia, my whole life I dreamed of that place. I heard it's like heaven, I will definitely recognise it from my ancient times.

Our home is always open for guests. We love to host amazing parties in this huge hall build in 15th century. Can you believe Henry IV hosted here the Byzantine emperor Manuel Palaeologus at Christmas back in 1400?

However, my favourite guest is Queen Mary who visited two years ago for the afternoon tea on 4 July 1935.

Eltham has been done up by the Stephen Courtaulds who received me. The house is quite a modern one built by them, but the old Hall dating from 14th century has been restored beautifully. We went all over the house and the charming moat garden and had tea in the Hall. A charming visit. - Queen Mary

Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) also visited us last summer on 12 July 1936, just before she became a queen in December. We are a such a privileged family!

I like the Courtaulds very much and loved their enthusiasm. I must say, that I thought some of the modern part a little overdone - but it was all very interesting, and my goodness what a good feed we had! And good champagne. - Queen Elizabeth ( The Queen Mother)

The Gardens

I love to stay outside as much as I can. The gardens are my first choice in the morning just after breakfast. Sometimes, in my lazy Sundays, I like to have brunch in the garden. Maybe you will join me sometime.

Look at this amazing ancient wall, the remains of the old palace! Isn't it beautiful how the flowers love to decorate the history?

The rocks garden just next to the water is my favourite, I would spend hours admiring it.

...and The Secret Love

Now I will take you to my secret place, the one I met my secret love.

Let's cross the bridge...

There is no one on the bench...

He sits still, there. Can you see?

The connection between the Earth and the Sky, his stable roots and his protective crown! His amazing energy that makes me feel rejuvenated and happy.

The Tree.

It's already evening and I think Stephen is waiting for me. We serve dinner at seven, I'll be back!

Until then, Ginie sends you all her good aristocratic thoughts.

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