• New Year Clarity and Intentions Settings Group Coaching Workshop

    A perfect event for the start of the New Year to give yourself clarity, balance and vision in a soulful and kind way.

    You'll experience that the New Year means much more than you thought it means. Its all about living with purpose, in alignment with your own values and your true self. It's a self discovery journey of setting meaningful intentions that are true to you which you'll easily follow and integrate into your life. Whatever you want to invite in your life is possible and it will happen if you learn how to do it from a place of love to yourself, listening to your inner voice and opening your heart to receive in your life.

    We will experience together various mindfulness tools to get you into a state of clarity of mind and then we'll do an intention setting coaching session to start creating your own reality for the year.

    The workshop will be structured in 3 main sections:
    - presence & awareness
    - mindfulness
    - create intentions for the New Year

    In this workshop, you will experience with various meditation techniques which can include breathing awareness, crystal meditation, music meditation for deep calm and relaxation.
    You will learn how to apply mindfulness into your day to day life and how we can live at ease, peaceful and undisturbed by external circumstances.
    The final section of the workshop will contain guided reflections for discovering what you truly want to invite in your life in the New Year, you'll get clarity, vision and you'll have intentions aligned with your true self.You'll learn how to listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you.

    What you should expect

    • Setting meaningful intentions for the New Year
    • Learn mindfulness techniques to incorporate in your life
    • Experience different beautiful styles of meditation
    • Intuition experience
    • Tools to keep yourself anchored and grounded.

    A little bit about your host:

    I am Amelia and I am a wellness coach, mindfulness guide, and an artist. I love to use a kind and mindful approach to life and I believe in your own power to shape the future with kindness. I promote using INTENTIONS instead of GOAL settings as we are human beings and we need to live our lives beautifully and with purpose instead of challenging ourselves towards goals and achievements. This doesn't mean we will not achieve what we want, it means that we will achieve it being on our own path, aligned with our values and with kindness and patience.

    I use all of the techniques and reflections myself in my own daily practice and I can say I feel I live in flow, alignment and purpose. I believe in our own inner wisdom of intuition and synchronicity and I follow my heart in making decisions.

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