• 1:1 Sessions

    If you are in need of:


    emotional balance and inner peace * mental clarity * flow and excitement * overcoming mental blockages *

    improve your well-being * improve your energy levels * manage stress, anxiety, depression * protect your energy* support through challenges, life changes* recovery from physical illness* recovery from toxic relationships * recovery after break-up or divorce *


    I can support you with a variety of healing modalities and private ceremonies.

    Sessions take place in person in Central London in Covent Garden, or in Liverpool Street.


    If you are short of time, Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions are also available as distant healing and they are as effective as in-person sessions.



    I will be taking time off in December, if you'd like to book a session with me, the last day I am taking bookings in 2019 is 6th December.


    I offer a free telephone or email consultation for all services, please get in touch via email at


    45.00 - 79.00
    Crystal healing - for emotional healing and energy balance - 60 minutes
    60.00 - 79.00
    Reiki Healing for energy balancing and deep relaxation - 60 minutes
    60.00 - 79.00
    Calm & Restore session - Sound Healing for deep relaxation
    Heart Healing Session with private Cacao Ceremony - 90 minutes from £99
    99.00 - 114.00
    Energy cleansing and Protection Session - 90 minutes £114
    Angelic Blessing Session - for situations, relationships and more
    60.00 - 79.00
    Closure Ceremony- Private Healing Session - 2.5/3 hours
    Clearing Etheric Cords session -90 minutes
  • Well-being & Healing sessions, Private Ceremonies

    I am based in London and I practice:


    Daytime in Covent Garden at Buddha on a Bicycle

    Evenings - Covent Garden at Adam's House or in Liverpool Street at Longcroft House

    FEES explained

    all sessions include a free online/phone/email consultation



    60 minutes - for all Healing modalities


    1 off single session - £79 


    3 session pack - £75/session

    6 session pack - £69/session

    online session - £55 / hour


    90 minutes - for combined sessions or longer sessions as needed


    1 off single session - £114 

    (if you decide to choose a pack after trying a single session, I'll offset the extra pay in the following session)

    3 session pack - £109/session

    6 session pack - £99/session


    If you are in need of support and you cannot afford the full fee, I am able to offer a limited number of concession spots, please get in touch to discuss.


    Fully personalised packages/sessions are available to suit your needs and intentions.

    Book your free consultation now and find out more about the support I can offer you.


    To book, contact me at amelia@theblissfulart.com





    *** All complementary therapies I practice have the purpose to offer energetic and spiritual support to your circumstances and intentions, to support your body and mind capacity to heal themselves. The sessions I offer do not replace traditional medical care or medication. If you suffer of any physical or mental illness, please make sure you consult your GP to get appropriate medical care.

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