• Well-being and stress-relief sessions

    If you need to:


    find balance in your life, find more flow, overcome mental blockages, improve your wellbeing and your physical health, manage stress & anxiety


    I can help you with various support




    and tailored wellness sessions including colour therapy, creativity, aromatherapy, private cacao ceremony


    Contact me at amelia@theblissfulart.com



    Prices for healing sessions:


    Meditation , Visualisation, Mandala Meditation (available in person or via Skype)



    1 hour - £48


    Reiki / Crystal healing

    ( in person or distant healing)


    1 hour - £48


    Reiki/Crystal Healing + Private cacao ceremony


    90 minutes - £68


    Reiki + Mandala Meditation

    120 minutes - £87


    For all healing modalities, I recommend a minimum pack of 3 sessions to get the full benefits. The shift will start after a first session but as the energy just starts to move, a couple of sessions are necessary depending on each person.


    Sessions packs:




    3 pack of 1 hour +free consultation - £128

    6 pack of 1 hour+ free consultation - £235


    Reiki/Crystal Healing + Private cacao ceremony *


    3 sessions of 90 minutes - £187 (includes free consultation)

    3 sessions of 120 minutes - £247 (includes free consultation)


    Reiki/Crystal Healing + Mandala Meditation *


    3 sessions of 120 minutes - £247 (includes free consultation)


    All session packs - includes 30 minutes free initial consultation

    * Upon request I can add aromatherapy/color therapy to the session - this can be discussed at the initial consultation

    Concession prices are available for those on low income or financial difficulties.

    Distance healing for Reiki and Crystal Therapy are available

    Skype sessions are available for meditation

    To book please email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com


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