• About me


    Hello, I am Amelia



    I am a loving, caring and compassionate being, living my life purpose to bring a little more joy, meaning and a sense of peace into the world.


    The people who know me call me a welcoming host, a channel for healing and a teacher. I feel I am at my best when I can hold a space for others to help them reconnect with who they are, find the peace and balance within, find healing, safety, and reassurance.

    I love to support people through a number of healing modalities and activities, combining creativity, meditation, Reiki, crystals, sound healing, inner child healing and intuitive guidance.


    I bring a unique combination of healing modalities, coaching skills, intuitive abilities and my own learnings from life experiences to support, encourage and guide you in your journey.


    My story

    As a child I grew up deeply connected to Nature. My fascination for the sounds of trees and the song of wind started from a very young age in my grandmother's rear garden. I loved finding meanings in the shapes of clouds, and I never felt alone when playing alone. As a sensitive child feeling and seeing energies, I knew I was always protected. I had long conversations with the Universe, without understanding much, but just knowing.

    My initiation in the world of crystals started over 20 years ago at the age of 16 when I purchased my first quartz crystal pointer. It was a small but powerful crystal which guided me through difficult times of my life. Since then I continued to connect to crystals, being fascinated by their gentle energy. I studied their properties and their meanings and I learned to connect with them to heal myself and others. I used them in hundreds of jewellery I created over time as central pieces caring deep symbols. People started to wear my jewellery and feel the benefits of connecting to crystals for their own well-being.

    But my true transformation started a couple of years back when I felt guided to leave a very long and toxic relationship which left me with low energy levels and low self esteem. I was still in an unfulfilling day job at the time, feeling completely disconnected and I started to meditate to return back to myself. A major illness later on which was the physical manifestation of the emotional abuse I encountered over the years made me realise once again how important emotional balance is and how the body is just the mirror of our internal world. My curiosity and passion for energy healing grew stronger as I was reminded of the deep mind-body-spirit connection and of the call to fulfill a healer path.

    And here I am today walking of the path of love and trust, working on my own healing but most importantly, being here for you, to help you live your life with confidence, love and trust. I am bringing my healing knowledge and experience, my listening and intuitive abilities to guide you to walk your own authentic path.

    If you'd like to know more about the support available, one-on-one healing sessions in London, group workshops and Crystal Healing School, please visit the sections on the website. For further details you can email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com

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    Sending you loving healing Light,




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