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    The Blissful Art is your breathing space which encourages you to live mindfully, creative and connected with yourself.



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    • mindfulness & meditation one-on-one and group workshops 
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    • group and private wellness sessions for stress-relief, creativity, healthy lifestyle, complementary healing 







    seek calm and peace within


    you feel your creative fire has to express


    you need balance & clarity


    are looking to release stress and anxiety


    just want to relax ...


    ...or have fun







    I am a wellness coach, mindfulness guide, holistic therapist and intuitive artist. I am your vessel on your journey to happiness, creativity, joy and overall wellness. I love to work one-on-one and to host workshops for small groups of people.


    I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and I believe well-being is about having a healthy mind in a healthy body. I guide people to express creatively, find the balance in a hectic London, live a healthy life and in alignment with their values.



    A bit of my personal story.

    From finance to wellness, a meaningful journey

    I embraced a mindful lifestyle while I was facing stress and anxiety in my former finance career and I felt amazed how much peace and wisdom this simple awareness of the present moment brought into my life. Applying the mindfulness principles in my own life, I became so passionate about it and I felt a deep desire to share the gift of mindfulness with other people. This is how I decided to qualify as a Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner.


    Art and creativity always represented my personal escape from daily stress. I create since my childhood, with a love for beauty, decorations, and healing crystals. As a former finance professional, I always used art as a therapy, a different form of mindfulness to keep myself grounded and present in the moment.






    Ready to take the first step to your happiness and balance? To learn to meditate, create, or have a wellness session to just relax? Just get in touch via email and book your free discovery call now at



    Alternatively, please check my workshops page and see what's coming up for you.


    May your journey is filled with love, kindness, and joy.



    My certifications

    *Life Coaching


    *Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


    *Colour Therapy

    *Crystal Therapy

  • Kind Words

    Another great time spent with Amelia! She is such a lovely person and very patient with a clumsy one like me! I wore my earrings and pendant yesterday when out for lunch and my family admired them very much! Thank you, hope to see you again soon. MARIE-ANNE, London


    I really enjoyed the class, it was so relaxing the environment was energetic and lovely and Amelia was very sweet. I totally lost myself in the drawing and managed to switch off which is amazing! I think I'll be drawing more mandalas soon!! Thank you. NIAMH, London


    Amelia is a great person with lots of positive and creative energy. She is really energetic and compassionate person, who is passionate about all the beautiful things in this world. I definitely recommend attending any of her group creative sessions and also her personal art mindfulness sessions on a regular basis if you would like to boost your creativity, relax your mind, take care and get to know yourself better. AGNES, London


    Thank you for the wonderful Mandala evening. I loved being with the small group of ladies all creating their own beautiful pieces. Your energy is very sweet and caring, such a treasure. SAM, London


    I participated in a few creative workshops with Amelia in a group with a few other people. These workshops made me feel relaxed, creative & inspired. I really enjoyed playing with the wires and stones and I didn't expect that my creations will turn up so beautiful and unique. I am really happy I attended the events as they helped me take my mind away from things that were stressing me in my life, plus I got great souvenirs that I am proud with :) VAL, London

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