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    I grew up wearing comforting warm and soft clothes that my grandmother knitted with her soft golden hands. She expressed love in everything she touched: from cooking to sewing, knitting and crocheting, to taking care of her grandchildren, to taking care of her home. I was lucky to grow up with her and share the love for making from a young age.

    Sewing and crocheting were my favourite activities in my childhood and teenage years. I used to crochet my own scarves and jumpers as a teenager and nothing felt more rewarding than wearing something that carried so much of my own personal energy.

    It was, however, a moment in my life when I felt so much engaged in the rat's race, focused exclusively on my career when I lost this gift.

    In 2007 I rediscovered my passion for making and I started to make jewellery with crystals, especially in wire-wrapping technique which gave me a lot of freedom to improvise and experiment.

    My passion for crystals was reborn, and so my aliveness, joy and the sense of flow. For another 10 years my source of energy and joy, my sense of freedom and purpose was given by the creative flow I experienced in my late nights of creativity. In January 2017 I created The Blissful Art and started to run creative workshops in London.

    At the same period of time, I reached the top of my career burning-out after just a year.

    Having no choice but to leave the toxic environment and recover my health, I continued to run workshops, create and experience other healing modalities. I learned to draw mandalas for self-expression, which gave me a lot of insights. I found not only the drawing itself very calming, but I discovered hidden messages of my unconscious mind coming to light.

    I embraced mindfulness, learning to connect more to my senses and my intuition and I started to have a regular meditation practice. This brought me a sense of peace, calm and trust I never thought it was possible. I met wonderful people along the way who inspired and sustained me and I made amazing friends.


    This is how my new journey began: I qualified as a life coach, meditation teacher and colour therapist. Later I qualified in other healing modalities such as Reiki and Crystal Therapy and I still continue to explore this amazing mind-body-spirit connection. My purpose is to bring these gift to you and be a channel for your own development, if you seek more creativity, peace, healing and connection to yourself, I am here to serve you and support you.

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  • Kind Words

    Another great time spent with Amelia! She is such a lovely person and very patient with a clumsy one like me! I wore my earrings and pendant yesterday when out for lunch and my family admired them very much! Thank you, hope to see you again soon. MARIE-ANNE, London


    I really enjoyed the class, it was so relaxing the environment was energetic and lovely and Amelia was very sweet. I totally lost myself in the drawing and managed to switch off which is amazing! I think I'll be drawing more mandalas soon!! Thank you. NIAMH, London


    Amelia is a great person with lots of positive and creative energy. She is really energetic and compassionate person, who is passionate about all the beautiful things in this world. I definitely recommend attending any of her group creative sessions and also her personal art mindfulness sessions on a regular basis if you would like to boost your creativity, relax your mind, take care and get to know yourself better. AGNES, London


    Thank you for the wonderful Mandala evening. I loved being with the small group of ladies all creating their own beautiful pieces. Your energy is very sweet and caring, such a treasure. SAM, London


    I participated in a few creative workshops with Amelia in a group with a few other people. These workshops made me feel relaxed, creative & inspired. I really enjoyed playing with the wires and stones and I didn't expect that my creations will turn up so beautiful and unique. I am really happy I attended the events as they helped me take my mind away from things that were stressing me in my life, plus I got great souvenirs that I am proud with :) VAL, London

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