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    Hello, I am Amelia



    I am a loving, caring and compassionate being, living my life purpose to bring a little more joy, meaning and a sense of peace into the world.

    The people who know me call me a welcoming host, a healer and a teacher. I feel I am at my best when I can hold a space for others to help them reconnect with who they are, find the peace and balance within, find healing, safety, and reassurance.

    I love to support people through a number of healing modalities and activities, combining creativity, meditation, Reiki, crystals, coaching.

    I bring a unique combination of healing modalities, coaching skills, intuitive abilities and life experiences to support, encourage and guide you in your journey.

    I spent over 15 years in the corporate environment along with my spiritual and creative journey, before deciding to dedicate myself completely to my purpose. It wasn't until my health collapsed and my body made me see that I had to commit to help others but also to take care of my own wounds.





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    I really enjoyed the class, it was so relaxing the environment was energetic and lovely and Amelia was very sweet. I totally lost myself in the drawing and managed to switch off which is amazing! I think I'll be drawing more mandalas soon!! Thank you. NIAMH, London


    Amelia is a great person with lots of positive and creative energy. She is a really energetic and compassionate person, who is passionate about all the beautiful things in this world. I definitely recommend attending any of her group creative sessions and also her personal art mindfulness sessions on a regular basis if you would like to boost your creativity, relax your mind, take care and get to know yourself better. AGNES, London


    Thank you for the wonderful Mandala evening. I loved being with the small group of ladies all creating their own beautiful pieces. Your energy is very sweet and caring, such a treasure. SAM, London


    I participated in a few creative workshops with Amelia in a group with a few other people. These workshops made me feel relaxed, creative & inspired. I really enjoyed playing with the wires and stones and I didn't expect that my creations will turn up so beautiful and unique. I am really happy I attended the events as they helped me take my mind away from things that were stressing me in my life, plus I got great souvenirs that I am proud with :) VAL, London

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