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    2019年2月27日 · Reiki,Holistic Healing,Reiki London
    I was 12 years old when I first felt drawn to energy healing, being amazed of the power of my hands and the energy I felt flowing from them. I used to meditate at that age without even knowing what was a meditation, but somehow this made me feel connected with the Universe and safe. I also used...
    2019年2月11日 · Cacao ceremony,SE London events,wellness retreat,SE London
    Maybe you're craving some time for yourself to restore, relax and reconnect with who you are. Maybe you are looking to unwind, experience, and be more into your own body. Consider it's time for you to unwind and immerse yourself into a deep transformative experience together with other beautiful...
    2019年2月7日 · Crystal Healing,Holistic Healing,Crystal Workshop
    A self-love, self-care workshop that introduces you to the gentle power of healing with crystals. Maybe you are seeking balance, or just want to experience and overall well-being, with a peaceful strong mind and a healthy body. Join this crystal healing workshop which I specially crafted for you...
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