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5 Ideas to boost your creative motivation

For the past few weeks I’ve been incredibly busy, yet at the end of the day, I still found a bit of time and energy to invest in my passion. I guess that behind my enthusiasm are my intention of being in tip-top shape for the upcoming workshops and the pure joy I get for just being around gemstones, colours and ideas.

But things aren’t always this simple and life with its deadlines and chaotic rhythm can get in the way of creativity. So here are a few “tricks” I use to get back on track when I feel my motivation going downhill. Hopefully, they’ll be useful and they’ll help you stay focused on your creative habit.


1. Find your internal motivation

External motivators, such as rewards encourage short-term thinking at the expense of the long-view, that’s why you should completely forget about them, if you want to stay committed. Seek, instead, that kind of motivation coming from within.

To overcome challenging times, infuse your creative work with more meaning. To me, this greater purpose could be giving something back to the world, making someone happy with my art or educating others, helping them develop a new set of skills.

At the same time, make mastery a primary focus. When you’re trying to sustain a creative habit, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing yourself improve in your craft. And you know that improvement comes with frequent practice and dedication. Monitor the progress you’re making and celebrate it!

2. Be creatively fueled
Discovering the world through a variety of cultural experiences will certainly expand your creative thinking. Be curious, eager to find out more and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of visiting a new museum, enrolling in a creative class, or travelling to a fascinating destination. Take in as much as you can from any of these experiences and allow them to challenge your worldview. On the other hand, some voices say that one of the best creativity fuels is discomfort, so a good idea is, once you’re satisfied with your abilities and you’ve mastered a certain work technique, try something else.

3. Prepare the mood

Building the context for playfulness and creativity means ensuring your own “space/time oasis”, where you can seal yourself off from the everyday duties.

How can you implement that?

In my case, if it’s a weekend day, I usually prefer to handcraft in the morning, before the rest of the house and the city around me wake up. During the week, however, I find evenings more suitable for creation, as I feel less in a hurry, more calm and detached, so I can allow myself some much needed me-time.

4. Join a community
Never underestimate the support of a group of similar creatives, who will make you feel empowered and inspired to push yourself further. Keep in touch with them in the online world, as well as in offline meetings, discuss your progress, and learn from their struggles and accomplishments.

5. Forget about the goal and keep the fun

This is, probably, my favourite way to find creative motivation! I like to work with materials that offer me flexibily, so most of the times I follow my creative flow, without knowing where it will take me and how the final piece will look. It’s like writing a book without an ending in mind, letting the characters develop and the action unfold in surprising ways. As with other things in your life, if you let the fun disappear from your creative habit, you’ll eventually start resenting it. Do a bit of time travel: visualize how good you'll feel after you finish your piece. Do the easy things first, if this helps. But start somewhere and see how far you can get!

I’m sure there are many other ways to unlock creative motivation, so why not let me know yours? I’m curious, as well, if you tried any of the above and if it worked, in your case.



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