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The Ingredients of a Workshop Day

and photos!

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Because I want to introduce you to the atmosphere of a crafts and jewellery workshop and to convince you that a weekend afternoon dedicated to creation is always an inspired choice, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you the story of a workshop day. I picked one of the events that happened early this year.

The preparation

I woke up very early on the day of the event to make sure that everything was ready: the healing crystals, the handwritten cards with the meanings of each gemstone that would be used, the feedback forms for participants.

The venue

Hanbury Hall is a café I discovered by chance and I’m so glad I did, as it quickly became one of my favourite venues for the workshops. Built in 1719, the construction impresses with its fascinating and eclectic history. Originally a French Huguenot church, it has been used through the centuries for many noteworthy events such as public readings by the famous Charles Dickens. Its high ceilings and windows that bathe the room in charming daylight are perfect for creative activities.

We felt the good vibes of the place, as soon as we stepped in, and we indulged ourselves in some English Breakfast tea and delicious cakes on the house. The natural tulips on the tables were a nice and photo-friendly touch.

The process

For this workshop, we focused on creating the crystal trees, delicate items that are part jewellery, part lucky charm, and part visual metaphors. They symbolise the idea of everything being connected and all life branching to a common ancestor. We used silver plated and enameled copper wire intertwined with healing gemstones. I guide the participants when selecting the stones, so that in the end the tree they create is not only beautiful, but also useful, bringing luck and serenity into the life of its creator or its keeper.

The ladies

The lovely ladies who booked a place for this workshop had various professional backgrounds and ways of thinking, so the trees they made were unique and very different from one another. They surprised me with how creative they were when applying the work techniques and on top of that, they even invented a new type of support for the trees. And that’s how this workshop became a learning lesson for me as well! ‘Cause that’s the beauty of creative gatherings: fresh ideas that we can all benefit from are born and shared.

After an awesome day, I left with such a positive energy and with a message that gives me further motivation: ‘Very relaxing workshop with patient teacher. Nice creative afternoon'. That’s why I’m always looking forward to our next workshop. If you decided to join me,have a look at next events and dates.



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