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Art, Kindness and Heart Healing

Today I am in that moment I feel to share a very personal experience and relationship I have with art and creativity. As a women, I sometimes had moments when I ignored my femininity and lived too much in my head, conducted by over thinking and focused on logical rather than following my intuition.

Since I dedicated my life to the creative side of myself, taking the leap to live mindfully and in accordance with who I am, I started to listen to my heart and do what my heart is calling me to do.

One of the powerful things I learned is how art can heal and completely transform my emotions. One day, I came home after a busy day at work and a discussion with someone who disappointed me. I felt miserable, drawn of energy, feeling anger, frustration and sadness. My whole body could feel this deeply. The more I' was thinking about my negative feelings, the more I was able to increase them.

In that moment something was calling me to take a pen and a piece of paper and start drawing randomly and this is what I did. I started with a few curved lines and then increased their number, making some long beautiful leaves going to the upper side of my page. I started filling the white surface with the black ink and my beautiful graphic design appears. I continued this for an hour and I started to feel better, I felt calmed and relaxed.

I didn't stopped even after an hour and I continued to randomly draw until I felt the surface is full enough to not have more space to develop the decoration. My heart started feeling even better, not just calm, but something new has been revealed: I felt kindness and forgiveness. The most important feeling was kindness to myself, understanding and acceptance and then forgiveness for the situation that made me feel in a certain way. This was the moment when my heart started healing.

My drawing continued with some red colour that I felt to put on the paper to balance the black. Both are strong colours with powerful meaning and both colours I used represented the releasing of negativity and anger. I needed to express them physically on the piece of paper to be able to let go. Once the negative emotions have been released, my whole heart and body completely healed. At the end of this third hour drawing session I felt liberated from my own thoughts, energized and happy.

I was surprised to discover how drawing intuitively, choosing the colours and the way I followed my creative flow had a such a beautiful and powerful effect, making me feeling good, kind and happy. The transformation was incredible and it was produced in just a few hours and most important, it was irreversible. It's been months since the event happened and I am feel completely serene with the situation and also with the person involved.

Since then I am practicing drawing meditation almost daily between other types of meditation I am doing. It feels so incredibly good and makes me feel exactly how I want to feel: kind, loving and happy.

If you feel it's the time for yourself to let go and heal you heart, I am happy to guide you through a 1:1 session or you can join me in one of my Mindfulness Drawing workshops I am launching for you soon.

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