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Birthday Reflections and Mindful Soul Recharging

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Recently was my birthday, a moment for me to reflect and realise that with every year passing I become aware of the wisdom I gain within and I am grateful for my life, past experiences and learnings and the permanent transformation.

Reflections and gratitude

For my birthday I took time to celebrate the whole beauty, to express my gratitude for all beautiful people I have in my life and for the love I receive and I feel empowered to share. I wrote in my journal about of all people I am sending my gratitude to, and all the things I am grateful in my life. This way I allowed myself to give to my birthday a special meaning as I started to be aware of all good things are happening in my life and celebrate them.

A day before I felt to bring more colour in my flat and I made it welcoming for the Autumn season and soon the winter. I bought a beautiful warm orange blanket and a fluffy cushion to infuse my living room and working space with creativity, warmth, and joy. I felt like this is a time of renewal and rebirth, inspiration and energy.

Healing the past

This birthday I feel released as I recently made a trip back home to sort out some things and close a door leaving behind a past of struggle and sadness. It took me a long time to heal this past, learn to forgive and let go. I could peacefully lock the door behind and walk away positive and strong.

As I knew before the trip that is going to be a difficult one, the day before I allocated a few hours to just nourish my soul and recharge with energy. I had a 3 hours mindful walk on Thames Path which I did it with the intention to fuel my soul with beauty and positivity.
I just immersed into the beauty of the river which I adore. I took time to admire the peace of the water, the autumn colours, to listen to the waves song and allow my heart to feel and live the beauty. I then walked in the park in my favourite English garden. At the end of the walk, I purchased some orange pumpkins and some nuts to welcome the abundance and joy in my life.

Mindfulness for a Happy Life invitation

As this year was transformational and life-changing, leaving behind a 15 years career in finance to fulfill my passion for wellbeing and creativity, I created a 6 weeks online course Mindfulness for a Happy Life - start date 1st January 2018.

I am bringing in this course my own learnings, healing experience and transformation together with mindfulness, coaching and colour therapy techniques, to inspire you to live a mindful and happy life.

The content will cover:

  • mindfulness principles and how to live mindfully at work, at home, in your relationships, 
  • how to live in alignment with your true nature and how to connect with your intuition; 
  • stress relief methods, how to identify stress triggers and your own response to stress and how to take action; 
  • how to unleash your creativity and live a creative life
  • meditations and reflective exercises to help you get to know yourself better

The course will come via weekly emails + worksheets and audio guided meditations + a closed Facebook group for inspiration and support.

If you feel the call, I invite you to register via link

I wish you all a wonderful week and don't forget to be mindful about all beautiful things in life,

May the love and kindness be with you,


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