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Cacao Ceremony in Central London

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Maybe you're craving some time for yourself to restore, relax and reconnect with who you are. Maybe you are looking to unwind, experience, and be more into your own body.

Consider it's time for you to unwind and immerse yourself into a deep transformative experience together with other beautiful souls. A time for you to remember who you are, to connect to your true self through the spirit of cacao.

We will sit in a circle and drink ceremonial grade cacao carefully prepared for you to indulge your senses. Cacao is a plant medicine which has the power to connect us with our heart, to help us listening to ourselves and unveil who we deeply know we are.


- a beautiful meditation that will facilitate connection to your inner voice and open your heart to receive the gift of cacao into your body

- drink ceremonial grade cacao from Peru sitting in a circle together with like-minded people

- moving our bodies in a spiral walking meditation to express the wisdom we received during the ceremony

- sharing circle and closing meditation

You will be left deeply connected to yourself, with a sense of freedom and relief while also feeling connected and supported by everyone else who participated in the ceremony.

If you feel called to join me in this mini-retreat day which will take place forthrightly in Covent Garden at Buddha on a Bicycle, click here to book your space.

The ceremony will take place every month on a weekend day.

Cacao Ceremony in London
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