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How To Use Crystals for Self Healing Workshop

Crystal Healing Workshop in London

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A self-love, self-care workshop that introduces you to the gentle power of healing with crystals. Maybe you are seeking balance, or just want to experience and overall well-being, with a peaceful strong mind and a healthy body.

Join this crystal healing workshop which I specially crafted for you to connect with crystals, to learn how to awaken their power and make them work for you.

Ancient cultures around the world used crystals for thousands of years and venerated them not only for their amazing beauty but for their deep healing properties especially at the emotional level. INowadays, crystals become even more popular and the beauty is that today what once was reserved for gods and emperors is now easily accessible to everyone.

If you want to tune deeper into this amazing healing modality which promotes well-being, I invite you to join this workshop.


- Your personal special gift: a 7 chakra crystal set - each crystal coresponding to each of the seven chakras
- To learn the healing properties of crystals included in your 7 chakra set and how to use them to balance your energy for well-being
- learn about chakras and why is important to balance your chakras for your physical and emotional well-being
-Learn to connect with your crystals and choose the crystals which are right for you
- learn to cleanse and programme your crystals
- learn how to meditate with crystals and invite them to work with you for whatever you need support with.

This is a beginner workshop which will bring you beautiful and insightful information about how to use crystals in your daily life.

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