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Make your own Dream-Catcher for Protection Workshop

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I recently put together a workshop that invites you to unleash your creative power and bring to life a meaningful object, with INTENTION.

When you create a dream-catcher you put in it all your effort and good thoughts to invite good dreams, a deep, restorative sleep while being protected each night.

Join me in this workshop and experience mindful creativity at a level of deep connection with yourself. You will experience mindful creativity and at the end of the workshop I will provide you with a special ritual to awaken your dream-catcher and connect it with your intentions and energy.

Dream Catcher Meaning

The ancient Native American tradition created dream catchers to protect their sleep over night. It is said that dream-catchers allows only peaceful healing dreams to flow through you and all negative dreams or energies are blocked in the net and then dissolved in the morning at daylight, once the Sun awaken.

Being so close related to good sleep and dreams, your dream-catcher will find its best place in your bedroom, ideally next to your bed. It will make a beautiful traditional decoration with a deep meaning.

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