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The Healing Power of Crafting

This world needs people who create more than they consume. This thought gave me an extra impulse for organising the handmade workshops that might eventually encourage others to develop a creative habit. In a world where you’re always connected and overwhelmed with signals coming from every direction, it’s so convenient to just absorb information, while forgetting to express yourself in a tangible way and give something back.

Anything from making music to dancing, writing or involving into visual arts can become a creative habit enriching your life. To me, this place is fulfilled by jewellery crafting, an activity that brings me joy every day, helps me stay focused and put troublesome thoughts out of my mind. There’s nothing like the enthusiasm of shopping for materials, putting my hands at work to build an idea, and the incredible feeling of accomplishment when I’m holding a finished item.

But crafting is not only a fun relaxing way of spending your free time, but also a habit that’s beneficial to your physical and mental health:

Reduces stress and anxiety

The focused attention required of certain crafts, as well as the rhythmic, repetitive movements involved by such an activity, produce a calming effect similar to meditation. While crafting, you train your mind to unwind from the pressures of you daily job and better cope with stressful situations. Now imagine yourself crafting in the middle of nature! The effect is double..

Increases happiness and self-esteem

When you craft with others, whether is a family member, your significant other or a group of people who share the same passion, it can turn into a genuinely fun social affair. The conversations that spark naturally around the piece you are creating or the meaning behind it can lead to beautiful friendships. The feeling of belonging to a community, of being part of something bigger has the power to lift your spirits and to give you a boost of positive energy. The social element when crafting with other people can aid keeping your conversation and social skills at their highest levels. Worth mentioning is, of course, the lasting pleasure that comes from successfully finishing a project or from offering to a loved one a genuine piece you created yourself. That sparkle in their eyes? Nothing can beat it.

Boosts your brainpower and prevents aging

Crafting activities stimulate brain areas that are not as active during the routine work you may be used to. The attention required while crafting is an effective way to exercise the brain, which can eventually protect it from premature aging. Whether you are doing a large woodworking project or a delicate silver wire pendant, careful hand-eye coordination is involved. For many women who have office jobs, crafting gives a way to use those hands for something else besides typing.

And if you need even more arguments to fuel your interest for crafting activities, you should know they are also recommended to those who suffer from depression, or chronic pain, not as a substitute for professional treatment, but as add-ons with therapeutic effects.



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