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Handmade Jewellery and Me - A Love Story

I am a firm believer in the idea that a true passion can help us escape this fast-forward world we live in and gives us purpose. This is what the love for handmade jewellery brought into my life. At work, the level of stress was very high at times, and even though I always loved my job, I understood that I couldn’t feel complete by doing only that. So I decided to use the little free time I had in a creative way and to let art work its therapeutic magic on me. This happened ten years ago and I never stopped ever since.

But my interest for anything artistic is more an on-going story than a recent event, as it goes back to my childhood. My parents, both engineers, shared a passion for visual arts, while my grandmother taught me how to crochet and how to embroider. How old-school, right?

I followed the creation path by myself, becoming a self-taught jewellery maker. The beginning was nothing less than a frenzy: after coming home from work, I used to enthusiastically immerse myself into jewellery making until late at night. I made quick progress and I soon started to created complex items. The law of perseverance applies to my case: the more I worked the more creative I became.

I explored at first, experimenting with various types of materials and techniques, until I settled for silver and copper wire, together with gemstones, porcelain and Italian beads, which gave me the creative freedom I was looking for. I’m always excited to see how the wire takes shape under my hands and how much imagination lies within me, waiting to be unlocked. Because I come up with my own ideas and patterns, my jewels are sometimes extravagant, unusual, but they always have a meaning underneath.

The first ever piece of jewellery I created was a beautiful Greek-inspired bracelet as a gift for my mother. I enjoy offering handmade jewels to my dear ones because each and every item I create keeps not only a part of me, but also a message and a symbol according to the gemstone I choose to use.

However, recently I realised there’s a different kind of gift I can share with people: the gift of creation. That’s how the idea of organising jewellery workshops across London came to life. Sharing is caring, and I want to share with you not only the passion for jewellery crafting, but also secrets and techniques I acquired over the years. I learned by myself, but I want to give to others the chance to share the same space with other creative minds and to let their energy sparkle.

If you want to join me, you can check the current jewellery workshops I organise in London here. The places are given on a first came, first served basis. You can keep an eye on this blog to never miss an up-coming workshop that might kindle your interest and to stay updated with tips and tricks for jewellery crafting. Hope to meet you soon!





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