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Mandala Drawing and your inner voice

I started drawing in a period of time when my anxiety was at my highest point and I was looking for 'something' that can really help me to improve my mood. I was in a period of time when I was feeling burned-out, stressed and my body started to send me serious signals that I need to stop.

When I drew my first Mandala I felt a deep journey within, spending hours to just immerse in the drawing process which I found it healing, meditative and beautiful. All stress and anxiety just disappeared being replaced by a peaceful state of calm and awareness, helping me to disconnect and detach.

After each Mandala drawing, I felt re-energised, refreshed and happy. Once I finished the drawing, I always looked within to understand the messages that come from my heart. The reflective process was important for my personal learnings and grow, as the mandala is not just a beautiful paint on the paper but a whole inner Universe that opens once I pay attention to it.

Inspired by my own journey within drawing Mandalas, I created a beautiful workshop to guide you to create your own mandala. I invite you to just step into your heart and draw your personal Mandala.

In this workshop I invite you to listen to your heart and draw following your intuition. Creating your Mandala is a form of meditation which starts with the drawing itself and continues with its interpretation.

You will have a mindful and relaxing experience while you will discover the secret messages your heart is sending you.

I created this workshop as an art&colour healing experience, being suitable for everyone as it doesn't involve drawing skills, just your heart open. You will find easy to draw and the main purpose is to connect with your feelings, draw following your intuition and become relaxed and serene.

May the love and kindness be with you,


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