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Meditation - my initiation and personal lessons

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When I first heard about meditation, I thought this is something mystical that I couldn't really understand. In my 'realistic' period of my life I thought that meditation is something for dreamers, and of course, I wasn't in that category of people as I had a hard and structured job to live for.

Still, sometimes, I felt that my brain needs a break and I didn't know what kind of break. I remember I felt my mind full with so many thoughts coming and going, and they sometimes were overwhelming. The more thoughts I allowed in my head, the busier my mind was. At that time I wrote in my journal that 'I would love to stop my thoughts for a second', but I was sure that was something impossible.

The first ever meditation I experienced was a couple of years ago and it has been a guided exercise at the start of a personal coaching session with my mentor at that time. The calm I got during the meditation felt so good and I realised that this was the missing piece in my life and the start of my new practice to control my thoughts. Since then I meditated daily for a while and some incredible things happened!

The most important was that I felt more serene and peaceful, but also more mindful about everything in my own life. I started to understand how I want my life to look like and also to realise what I need to let-go. Since then, my life has completely changed in a positive way and I am so grateful for all the good things that happened to me!

For a while I still had a positive frame of mind but I've been busy making all the changes happening: I moved to London which was the best decision I ever made and I have a loving relationship with my new partner that makes me grow and helps me become a better person each day of my life.

Today my relationship with meditation is deep and personal and makes me feel so incredibly good! I started again practicing meditation this year after a long break, because my stress levels and anxiety at work increased so much that I had to make dramatic changes to allow myself to be who I am.

My meditation practice was my first-aid tool and I could say my primary eye-opening thing I ever done!

As I wanted to release the anxiety as much as I could, each day when I felt the worrying feelings and negative thoughts taking the lead of my mind, I did a meditation exercise to relax and empty my mind. It wasn't easy in the beginning as when the mind gets stressed, the whole body feels the negativity exactly like a toxin: the mind leads the body and the breath becomes irregular and quick, the blood pressure increases and the whole body feels contracted. I felt all of these physical signs in my body so strong and I knew I need to make a change to start feeling good again.

The meditation helped me control all of these negative feelings, thoughts and physical sensations and after a few weeks of practice I felt the changes in my mind and body. I felt relaxed, calm and my emotional reactivity has been slowed down. I started to respond better in stressful situations, and I started to feel balanced and serene.

After another period of time of practicing meditation regularly, my whole mind has changed. I started being kind in a new way, treating with kindness all positive but also negative situations and experiences. Something has changed deeply in my whole being as I could say I see the world differently and I am feeling so peaceful and happy.

Meditation is such an amazing gift we that can access so easy and we have with us all the time. It's our own ability to be present and still, just with ourselves.

I invite you to explore this beautiful practice and start your transformation to a better human being. If you are willing to join one of my meditation classes and start your initiation into this beautiful process, you are welcome to subscribe to this blog and receive news from me.

May the love and kindness be with you,


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