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a short update of where I am ...

The last couple of weeks have been emotionally challenging as I felt so many forgotten emotions coming back and requiring my whole attention. I am in a period of my life when I am dealing with some stuff that is reminiscent of an old and unhappy past, a time that I find harder than I thought.

I learned to accept the past and old experiences as a part of the person I am now and also I learned to identify and express my feelings. I took time to do journaling, such a meaningful moment for self-reflection and speaking the truth using the words, coloured pens, and a beautiful book.

Autumnal Mandala

The thing that helped me a lot in the process of dealing with negative emotions was my option to continue to draw. I choose the colours of Autumn this time and surprisingly, even though, my intention was to create a light and solar piece of art the result was a lot more energetic, and predominant colours have been more towards red and orange. These colours represented exactly the way I felt and I needed so much to release - the anxiety, anger, unexpressed emotions and the old feeling of insecurity.

Meditation helped me a lot to keep my mind still and improve my emotional response. I also used positive affirmations which seems to be working for me.

Interestingly enough I managed to start eating clean and exercise regularly and I feel happier now. I am discovering again that everything has an emotional root in the end.

plus the mindfulness corner...

Living mindfully doesn't have to be complicated. I recently realised that there are so many ways that we can become present in our life and living it with sense. Some mindfulness ideas that I apply in my life are:

Eating mindfully - I know it's hard to be really careful when you are eating as many times you may do it at your desk in front of your computer. A first step could be to turn off any screen (computer, mobile phone) and just focus on your food: what colour does it have, what shape, how does it tastes? If you didn't cook it yourself, can you identify all the ingredients in it? Pay attention to your food at mealtime as this is the moment to nourish your body.

Walking mindfully - instead of checking your phone notifications and being in a rush at any time, start paying attention to your surroundings, start listening the sounds of the trees or even of the vehicles, admire the sky, the trees, a beautiful old building, the people around you. Be present and observe.

Creating - creativity is itself a form of meditation that stills your mind while nourishing your soul. Creating something gives you more sense in life while you are relaxing. This is something that you can always do at home: it could be doodling, colouring, knitting, making jewellery, writing in your journal and expressing your feelings.

There are many more methods that you can start using to live present in your life, however, if you start applying just those three you will see a difference shortly. Let me know how it works and if I can help you with anything.

Autumn colours

and an invitation...

I have created a beautiful mindfulness workshop to help you unleash your inner creativity and the mindful you.
Our busy lives rarely give us the opportunity to have a personal space for self-reflection, creativity, creating visions, live mindfully and happy.

This workshop is about learning to live mindfully, to release the busyness of mind, learning how to let go, setting intentions, making plans and start dreaming. You will learn how to use the mindfulness principles and how to apply them in your day to day life.

You will discover your inner power to embrace happiness and to allow yourself to unleash your inner creativity.
You will learn:
- what mindfulness is and the easy steps to apply mindfulness in your day to day life
- how to still your busy mind
- how to start living mindfully and become aware of yourself and your life
- to express your inner creativity and easy techniques to get more creative
- meditation techniques and how to choose the meditation type that is right for you

Your activities
- get to know yourself better and learn to reflect and how to heal your heart
- meditate and learn different styles of meditation
- create a secret object that will represent you and your dreams
This workshop is for you if:
- you seek balance and an efficient method to release stress and learn to live serene and peaceful
- you seek to know yourself better and to release blocks that hold you back
- you feel it's time to move forward but you don't know where to start
- you are looking to boost your creativity and be more creative in your day to day life

With love and kindness,


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