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Nature, my never ending source of inspiration

Today, I’m back on the blog with a very visual post about how natural elements surrounding us can turn into beautiful pieces of jewellery, when you trust both your eye and imagination. At times, as an artist, you can fell uninspired, but if you just look around you, you may find elements that can light up your creativity: a song, a painting, people on the street, a vintage piece of clothing, a butterfly, anything can serve as you Muse.

Because the materials I work with come from nature, it’s only natural that when I feel particularly uninspired, Nature is what I quickly turn to. Its evolving shapes, rich colours, and inviting textures are like raw ideas that I add to my mental pocket of goodies. Below, I included some collages of jewellery items I created versus their natural correspondent:

The moon is always the mysterious one. And for a good reason: with all its phases, the moon seems to hide and uncover things, at the same time. When you’re wearing a piece of jewellery inspired by the moon, you’re borrowing something from its nocturnal charm, especially if the item is adorned with dark coloured gemstones, such as the deep blue agates pictured.

The infinite “spiraling” of the moon shell is, in my opinion, a metaphor of the life itself: you know where it begins, but, despite all its twists and turns, you have no idea where it ends. Also the moon shells seem so fragile, yet their bodies have an exceptional mending power, which I think makes them a great symbol of strength. They might, as well, embody the idea that when you’re going through a rough time, it’s perfectly fine to find refuge in your happy place, spend a little while on your own, stay covered by a warm blanket, until you’re ready to be again your awesome self.

People around the world are so excited about the blooming of the cherry blossoms, they even organise festivals and celebrations around this seasonal event. In Japan, the cherry blossom (sakura) is the unofficial national flower, being celebrated for many centuries and holding a very prominent position in the Japanese culture. But the cherry blossom blooming period is a relatively brief window – a week or two, really – when they go from just buds to beautiful flowers to falling off and being replaced by green leaves. So why not preserve for the whole year the magic of a blooming cherry tree, by creating one yourself using beautiful healing crystals? Check the calendar to see when you can book a place for a creative workshop focused on handcrafting a tree of life.

A piece of jewellery inspired by a green field is youthful, vibrant, and ideal for someone who sees life as an eternal spring. If you’re into the latest fashion trends, such a piece gives you the perfect excuse to add a touch of Greenery, the Pantone Colour of this year. It is described as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.” What’s not to love about such a shade?

All birds are such delicate and mesmerizing creatures, but peacocks have, by far, the most fascinating plumage. An ancient legend about the peacock says that the bird, unhappy about its lack of musical talents, went to complain to Juno. To console the bird, the Goddess emphasized the peacock’s unrivalled beauty and insisted that each creature should be proud of its assets and make the most out of it. While the peacock won’t win any musical charts with its voice, its tail with one hundred eyes inspires artists every day, so its faith didn’t turn out that bad after all. People who dare to wear jewellery inspired by the peacock feathers are not afraid to show their true colours and to express themselves freely.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what inspires you the most and what other natural elements can serve as great models for accessories?



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