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The journey of love, creativity, self-awareness and Reiki

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I was 12 years old when I first felt drawn to energy healing, being amazed of the power of my hands and the energy I felt flowing from them. I used to meditate at that age without even knowing what was a meditation, but somehow this made me feel connected with the Universe and safe. I also used to pray at bedtime and I did that for years, making the connection to the Divine, without understanding much, but only feeling the abundance of love surrounding me. I used to carry a crystal quartz pointer in a silk pouch which I made myself, feeling the strong energy that radiated from it, supporting my intentions and focus at school.


After a journey into the too much materialistic world, at the end of my studies, when I felt I lost my identity working for others and not seeing the meaning and the long term impact of my work, it happened that I reconnected to myself though the power of creativity. This gave me a deep sense of purpose, meaning and joy. I carried the creative activities from jewellery making to tree of life, in which I used healing crystals to enhance their power of serving not only as adornments, but also as a healing channel.

It was a journey of development and discoveries, a journey of love and trust. I had to learn to love myself and work on my own healing in order to be able to facilitate healing for others. I learned to develop a regular meditation practice which gave me amazing awareness and a sense of deep connection. I learned to trust my own intuition and work upon my own rules, listening to the wisdom I heard within. I learned to hold space for myself and later I learned to hold a loving space for others too.

Today at the age of 39 I decided it's time to dive deeper into the world of healing and I trained as a Reiki practitioner, as my spiritual practice became stronger and deeper. There is always a time when things are falling into place, when we are prepared to accept our development and be open to receiving the gifts the Universe has to offer.

Why I chose to work with Reiki?

  • Because Reiki is pure loving energy channeled from the Universe for the highest good of the person who wants to receive it
  • Because the body knows best what to do with the energy and it draws it to heal whatever is needed: from emotional issues to physical ailments 
  • Because a Reiki practitioner is not a healer, but a channel for the energy to flow and be drawn by the person who is open to receive it
  • Because Reiki is safe and gentle and addresses what needs to be addressed in the body. 
  • Because Reiki can transcend time can heal issues from the past, so the person who receives it can find emotional and physical balance. 

Reiki is a complementary therapy that works along with traditional medicine and other healing modalities. It does not exclude any other modalities, but just complement and facilitates the process of healing. It works on all levels of the body, physical, energetic and spiritual.

I am very grateful that I found this healing modality to use for myself and also help others. I feel it's time to reconsider the power of healing through love and kindness and help people to feel empowered on their own healing.

If you want to experience a Reiki healing session with me, please email me at or check this page for more details.

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