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Rings, our secrets in a gem

Lapis Lazuli ring

One of our deepest desires, dreams and secret wishes, commitments to ourselves or to someone special in our lives can be hidden in a precious ring.

I remember when I was a little girl looking in my grandmother jewellery box and I discovered a little silver ring engraved with my grand-grand mother name. I felt so fascinated about this jewellery and I wanted to find more about it. I asked my grandmother about the story behind it and she told me this was a gift her mum received from a mysterious lover she had before the war started. She always wore the ring on the right hand and sometimes she could be found contemplating it, singing an unknown song and smiling. It was a ring that kept in it the story of a secret love.

I then realised how much history can a ring hide in it, love, desires and secrets that no one knows.

A ring isn't just a jewellery, but a whole world. I created the ring making workshop to help you awakening your inner artist. I invite you to join me in this unique workshop and make your personal ring with healing crystals, a commitment to yourself to follow your deepest wishes and dreams.

I will guide you to create a beautiful ring (or more) and choose the crystals that help you achieve your dreams from a variety of stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, lapis-lazuli and much more.

To participate in this workshop you don't need any previous experience, just join me and let your intuition guide you when you feel the call, sometimes this is all you need.

Amethyst and pearls ring
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