• *NEW* From 2019
    Crystal Healing Practitioner - Certification Course

    Practitioner Level and Taster Workshops Available

    Level 1 - Crystal Healing for Yourself

    Level 2 - Crystal Healing for Professional Practice - Practitioner Level

    Level 3 - Master Crystal Healing Certification

    Optional Module - Crystal Healing Business


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    Crystal Healing Professional Course Level 1&2 Practitioner - 6 of 8 spots available
    $100.00 - $380.00
    Crystal Healing Master - Advanced Level £295 / £350
    $295.00 - $350.00
  • The Certification Program will develop under 3 Professional Levels + 1 optional holistic business course


    Level 1 - Crystal Healing for Personal Practice and your Loved Ones

    This course will give you the tools and information to confidently practice crystal healing for yourself and family. This level will open you access for Level 2 course.


    Level 2 - Crystal Healing Practitioner Level

    To practice on other people and charge for your services - this will give you the right to get insurance and practice crystal healing professionally


    Level 3 - Crystal Healing Master Certification

    This is a more advanced crystal healing course which will give the tools and information to connect with crystals at a deeper level, to use crystals for psychic development, deal with specific challenges and life transformations, to use crystals in manifestation and much more


    Crystal / Holistic Healing Business Course

    How to build your crystal healing business, how to find clients, how to use the right marketing tools for yourself, how to create a customer profile, how to price your services, how to remain authentic in your business



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