• Mindfulness at Work

    Why should you care about your employees' well-being:


    • Having your employees happy at work reflects in a higher retention rate which translates to reduced costs to your workforce
    • When your employees are happy they perform better
    • Have better health - which reduces absenteeism and the costs associated.

    Mindfulness, a 3 steps approach to life

    • Awareness - this means the individual will become receptive and will notice what is going on on the inside world - noticing thoughts, emotions, and behaviours as well as events.
    • Non-judgement - this means simply noticing and accepting the reality without judging it, overthinking or over analyzing it.
    • Staying in the present moment - means simply being here and now without wondering about the future or recalling the past.

    The benefits of an 8-week regular meditation practice are demonstrated scientifically as the brain structure changes.


    This means your employees will be able to:

    • Be more productive due to focused attention
    • Make better decisions
    • Have a higher resilience capacity
    • Communicate better, with empathy and kindness
    • Learn quicker

    The overall work satisfaction will increase, as well as productivity and communication. The more employees in your organisation will be trained, the more you will be able to measure the benefits more effectively.


    Let’s look now how science has proven that an 8-week meditation practice has an impact on the overall psychological and also physiological well-being.


    • The grey matter density in the hippocampus has increased - which was shown through MRI scans. Hippocampus is a small region in the brain responsible for long-term memory, regulates emotions and self-awareness and is responsible for motivation. decision-making capacity, together with decreasing the tendency to take things personally and increasing empathy and kindness
    • The amygdala on the other side, the organ in the brain which is responsible for our stress response and fight-flight-freeze reaction will decrease its activity. This means in terms of mental wellbeing that the individual will experience less anxiety, less reaction to stressful events and in case of depression an improvement of symptoms. 
    • The changes in the prefrontal cortex have shown improvement in decision-making capacity, together with decreasing the tendency to take things personally and increasing empathy and kindness

    I designed my 8-week mindfulness for work programme to contain all the tools and techniques for your employees to take home and incorporate into their daily activities.


    It is very important for people who engage in a new practice to commit to it and benefit from ongoing support. This is why I am here for: to offer all knowledge, tools and support your employees need to be able to make a sustainable change.


    About me:


    I am Amelia Miraut and I am a trained Meditation and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practitioner. After a successful career of 15 years in corporate and public organisations, I decided to train and dedicate myself to educate organisations and employees to take a mindful approach to work and well-being.


    For arranging a mindfulness programme for your employees, please get in touch at amelia@theblissfulart.com

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