CACAO CEREMONY - with Intuitive Dance
A truly connective experience, a time to get in touch to the truth of your heart and playfully dance your feelings, allowing your body to move on the world's rhythms
Venue: Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden, 27 Endell St, London WC2H 9BA.

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30 Nov 7pm - 9pm (£25)
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Join us for a warming and yet energising and deeply connecting experience with cacao meditation and intuitive dance on carefully chosen music and healing.
This is a time for you to connect to your heart while meditating with cacao and also have some fun and allowing yourself to move on the world's rhythms.
We will start the ceremony with an opening meditation that will help you connect to your inner wisdom. We will then sit in silence and serve the ceremonial cacao in a circle while listening to deep meditative music and gazing at candlelights. This experience will help you to connect to your heart at a deeper level.
After the cacao will do its work into our bodies, we will be invited to tap into our senses through 
intuitive dance
9th&30th November - Cacao Ceremony with Movement
We will end the ceremony with a sharing circle and a closing meditation that will leave us deeply connected and restored.
We will serve ceremonial grade raw cacao from Peru from Ashaninka tribe. Cacao is considered a plant medicine and a heart activator, due to its feel-good substances and the capacity to increase the blood flow and transport nutrients into your body.
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