CACAO CEREMONY - with Healing and Drumming in London - in Covent Garden
A deep meditative experience, a time for you to connect to your inner being, sitting in a ceremony with others and drink ceremonial grade cacao.
There is a feeling of heart opening and inner peace created during this time, sitting with others and immersing ourselves into our senses.

Venue: Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden, 27 Endell St, London WC2H 9BA.

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31st August 4-6pm (standard £25)
6th October - 3-5pm
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30 June - New Moon Special Edition with Drumming and Crystal Manifestation
Join us for a beautiful cacao ceremony which will hold the perfect space for you at the time of New Moon, to help you reconnect with who you truly are. 
Come, drink ceremonial cacao from Peru together with other humans in a circle and set your intentions for the month ahead. 
The ceremony will offer you the space you need to listen to your own needs, with the help of the plant medicine 
, which has the ability to warm your heart and make you aware of the wonderful being you are.
What to expect on the day
- We will start our ceremony with a short grounding meditation and introduction of us, the cacao, and the instruments
- Drinking ceremonial grade cacao in silence to appreciate the stillness and connect deeply with ourselves
- Drumming session and using of other beautifully crafted ethnic instruments - just have fun and go with the flow :) 
- Crystal manifestation session to bring into the reality your wishes for the New Moon. 
We will serve ceremonial grade raw cacao from Peru from Ashaninka tribe. Cacao is considered a plant medicine and a heart activator, due to its feel-good substances and the capacity to increase the blood flow and transport nutrients into your body.
Limited spots are available and tickets are selling fast, if you want to secure your place please book your ticket soon.
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