Reiki Healing for energy balancing and deep relaxation - 60 minutes
60.00 - 79.00
To help with energy balance, clarity, relaxation, cleansing, releasing stress and anxiety.
What to expect
A consultation to find the issue you want to work on followed by Reiki healing when you'll lie down relaxed, fully dressed, no special preparation is needed. You'll leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed, knowing your body gained what was most needed.
The sessions take place in Central London.
Fees: £69 for 6 or more sessions, £74 for 3 or more sessions, £79 for single session.
Please get in touch via email to schedule your sessions.
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Product Options
One off single session ( £79)
3 or more - £74 to buy 3 sessions
6 or more - £69 to buy 6 sessions
Distance Healing - £55
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