Crystal healing - for emotional healing and energy balance - 60 minutes
60.00 - 79.00
To help with energy and aura cleansing, balance, relaxation, cord cutting, chakra balancing, support in specific issue.
What to expect:
A consultation to get to the core of your intention, personalised meditation to help you support in your healing followed by the healing session when you'll lie down relaxed and fully dressed and just surrender to the crystals.
The sessions take place in Central London.
Fees: £69 for 6 or more sessions, £74 for 3 or more, £79 for single session
To inquire, to schedule your sessions or to book your free consultation please email
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Product Options
One off single session(£79)
3 session pack (£74 - to buy 3 sessions)
6 session pack (£69 - to buy 6 sessions)
Distance Healing (£55) - online
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