*NEW* Attracting Love - Healing Package - 6*90 min sessions - £690
If you seek romance and love into your life and you didn't find the right person just yet. Or you feel you always attract the wrong type of partner and you don't want to repeat this again.
This is a comprehensive healing package of 6 sessions to help you attract romantic love into your life.
The sessions combine Crystal healing, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance and private cacao ceremony to help you shift the energy into the right direction.
Please read in the description box below to see full details of this package.
To book the sessions or for details, please email me amelia@theblissfulart.com
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Coming soon
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Attracting Love Healing package includes:
Free telephone consultation
Session 1 - Aura cleansing, grounding and protection + Reiki
Session 2 - Crystal Reiki healing for deep cleansing, removing energetic blockages and past traumas 
Session 3 - Reiki Crystal healing for self love to help you connect with yourself, nurture yourself and be the first to take care of your needs before entering a relationship
Session 4 - Reiki healing + Crystal manifestation + Intuitive guidance in removing mental blockages
Session 5 - Crystal Healing, Reiki + private Cacao Ceremony + Intuitive guidance for manifesting love
Session 6 - Reiki Crystal Healing with further intuitive guidance and support to focus your energy to attract love and be aligned with your intentions
To sustain your healing at home between sessions you'll receive:  
- all the crystals you need to sustain your healing and intentions after each session ; 
- a simple and effective healing ritual to follow at home 
- reflection sheets between sessions.  This will help you in your journey through transformation, you'll feel empowered and confident in your journey. 
- email support between sessions when you feel you need an extra support. 
This package is designed to work over 2 or 3 months maximum to allow enough time between the sessions for the energy shift to happen and so you'll have the opportunity to process and integrate the healing. 
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