Intuitive Mandala Drawing Workshop
A relaxing and peaceful workshop, an invitation for you to awaken your creativity and allow yourself to draw intuitively.
A perfect experience for an evening to disconnect from your daily stress, or for a mindful weekend.

About Mandala

Creating your Mandala is a form of active meditation, soothing and calming. I will guide through the process to find your own style and to get immersed in the drawing.
Venue TBC in Central London /Angel/Shoreditch
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Wed 9th Oct 7pm - 1.5h (£20)
Mon 21st Oct 7pm - 1.5h (£20)
Thurs 7th Nov, 7pm
Thurs 21st Nov, 7pm
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More Details
When you draw a Mandala you get immersed in the creative flow, allowing your mind to have a rest from the daily stress and make space in yourself for growth and personal development.
What to expect
A short intro about Mandala and what means mindful mandala drawing
A presentation of colours and their meaning as you can choose the right colours for you in your drawing. Did you know you can use colours to change your mood, feel energised or relaxed or even find inspiration? You'll find all of these and much more in this workshop.
The drawing and colouring a beautiful, personal and unique Mandala
At the end of the 
 you will have your own Mandala to take it home.
What do you need to know
You don't need previous drawing skills as this workshop is about experiencing mindfulness through intuitive drawing. All you need to do is to connect with your creativity, draw intuitively and allow yourself to relax.
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