Angelic Blessing Session - for situations, relationships and more
60.00 - 79.00
This is a beautiful angelic healing session that brings light, hope, positivity, strength or whatever is needed in your circumstances.
It is suitable for all circumstances when you need an extra divine help. It can be just before an event happening, an important discussion, an exam or an interview. It is also suitable when you need to make a decision, you enter a new relationship, start a new project. In difficult moment can bring soothing energy, love, support and a fresh new perspective.
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One off session £79
3 or more sessions £74/session
6 or more sessions £69/session
Distance Healing
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This session is suitable for all sort of situations that need healing and support. It can be offered in person or as distant healing. It is also suitable for children in which case it will be sent as distant healing. 
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